B2B Marketing Consultancy

B2B Marketing Consultancy




A Marketing director’s job for the Business market (B2B) is slightly different than the one intended for the Consumer market (B2C).

While Final Goods are all about EMOTION, industry, services and B2B are mostly about REASON.

In B2C, the Marketing Manager has to SHOW (through advertising campaigns or Social Networks like Facebook). In B2B it has to EXPLAIN (through more technical means of communication, educational content and Social Networks like LinkedIn).

We act as partners for your Marketing teams and help you guide the strategy and activity of your business.

Here are some of the areas we operate in:


  • Strategic Consulting;
  • Strategic Marketing Plans;
  • Internal Marketing Audit;
  • Copywriting;
  • Content Marketing (Case Studies, White Papers and other types of content designed to create sales leads);
  • On-line Marketing (Web, SEO),

among others!


Ask us to know more about how we can improve your business and help make your Marketing more efficient!